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Canadian Consulate - Atlanta, GA

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Passport Canada

Passport Canada has a new video on YouTube (  This newest production provides tips for completing the adult general passport application.  It is designed to help applicants ensure their form is right – the first time. It highlights the key rules to follow and offers tips and advice to help Canadians avoid some of the most common mistakes found in submitted passport applications – mistakes that can delay delivery of the passport, or even cause the application to be rejected. 

New England-Canada Business Council

The NECBC helps you to connect with the vibrant New England and Canada business network. We welcome your interest and encourage you to join us.


Since its inception in 2004, when Sean Mitton, Founder and first President, met with 20 other Canadians, CanSouth has grown to over 500 members who proudly hail from all parts of Canada and now reside in North Carolina.

Canada Expat Network

The Canadian Expat Network (CEN) is the leading Canadian expat site for Canadians living abroad.  CEN also provides bi-weekly e-newsletters, regular stories of interest, expat webinars, calendar of events, list of Canadian Expat Groups, forum, CDN News feeds, twitter feeds and the Annual Canada Day Expat Giveaway.

Consulate General of the United States Calgary, Canada 

Calgary Consulate introduces E-visa processing.

For more information on E-visas and how to make an appointment with the U.S. Consulate General in Calgary, visit our page on Treaty Trader and Investor Visas. For specific questions about the E-visa application process in Calgary contact

To learn more about SelectUSA services for Canadian companies interested in doing business in the U.S. visit or contact the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service in Calgary at 403-265-2116.

Articles of Interest

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